Holding Hands Preschool

Exploring the great outdoors

Much of our time is spent outdoors in the garden, on the farm and exploring our beautiful surroundings. We believe the outdoors offers many wonderful resources that benefit the children.

The outdoors supports learning and development across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage as well as benefiting children’s health and wellbeing.

The importance of outdoor play

"There are two fundamental reasons why outdoor play is critical for young children in our early childhood programs and schools. First, many of the developmental tasks that children must achieve—exploring, risk-taking, fine and gross motor development and the absorption of vast amounts of basic knowledge—can be most effectively learned through outdoor play. Second, our culture is taking outdoor play away from young children through excessive TV and computer use, unsafe neighborhoods, busy and tired parents, educational accountability, elimination of school recess, and academic standards that push more and more developmentally inappropriate academics into our early childhood programs, thus taking time away from play" Johnson, Christie and Wardle 2010 - Community Playthings 


What Ofsted said:

"Teaching opportunities for children are inspirational. Children develop exceptional knowledge about the world around them, such as when they learn how to care for the Alpacas and let the pigs out for exercise on their adjoining farmland" Ofsted 2018

Early Years Foundation Stage


Prime Areas

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Specific Areas



Understanding the World

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