Holding Hands Preschool

About Us

Here we understand that each and every child is unique, with their own special talents and individual interests. We encourage the children in our care to develop and grow though our stimulating environment, fun and exciting activities and by exploring the beautiful surrounding area

Our Setting

Formally known as Mitchell Walk Playgroup, in April 2016 Holding Hands moved to the beautiful Mares Farm to work closely alongside their charity supporting the local and wider community. We are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer breakfast club alongside, mornings, lunch clubs, afternoons and full days. The opening hours have also been extended to incorpoarte an after school club as well as the opportunity to get involved with extra-curricular clubs in association with Mares Farm.

The Farm

Holding Hands is set on a community farm which allows the children access to not only the freedom to explore the countryside but the opportunity to meet and care for the animals on the farm. 

Children have the chance to work in small groups and experience all aspects of looking after the animals which include Alpacas, pigs, goats and horses as well as a many different birds such as chickens, geese and turkeys. 

The children also enjoy being on the allotment where they plant and look after a variety of fruit and vegetables, their hard work is rewarded at harvest time when they are able to pick the produce. The fruit and vegetables are used by the children often at snack time which they help prepare in our purpose built child friendly kitchen.

Our Nursery, Your Nursery

Holding Hands Pre-School Ltd is very pleased to be running an “our nursery/your nursery” scheme this year. If a parent or carer wants to borrow any of our of resources, then we will let anything from the setting be borrowed for up to 2 weeks without charge.