Holding Hands Preschool


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Our Nursery/Your Nursery

Holding Hands Preschool is very pleased to be running an “our nursery/your nursery” scheme this year.

If a parent or carer wants to borrow any of our of resources, then we will let anything from the setting be borrowed for up to 2 weeks without charge. This includes items such as extra playdough, paints,  brushes, sand timers, a bunch of stones, dressing up clothes, lego, even leap pads and much, much more.

The hope is that your child can have access to resources that you might not have at home and that using the same resources at home and nursery may help a child settle in to nursery life more quickly.

If you would like to borrow anything at all then please let one of the staff know.


Extra Support

It’s not always easy being a parent and we recognise that children do not come with a set of rules or instructions!  If you feel that you need extra support at home to deal with challenging behaviour, improving communication, or any other help and support you might need then please do ask.

Upon request, we can put together visual timetables, reward charts, sequence charts, reward packs, communication packs and activity packs with tips to enhance language skills and encourage positive behaviour. Please come and talk to us if you think this could be of help to you.  

Childcare Vouchers

We are currently accepting childcare vouchers and are registered with the following companies:

Computer Share Reference 0008364773
Care4 Please quote HP7 0EL and Mitchell Walk Playgroup Ltd
Sodexo 854741
Fideliti Reference MIT004C
Edenred Reference P20511782

We are more than willing to add to this list and register other providers. Please contact us to discuss this further.



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