Holding Hands Preschool

About Us

At Holding Hands Pre-school, we promote children’s individual development and self-esteem in a safe, secure play environment under the care and guidance of experienced staff. The focus is on learning through play, which develops a wide range of skills. We offer ‘hands on’ experience through activities both indoors and outdoors such as:

  • Story time, music and singing
  • Imaginative play
  • Creative play
  • Painting
  • Sand, Water, Dough
  • Cooking
  • Computer activities

Our 2nd Ofsted Outstanding Award

 “Children thrive in this highly stimulating environment . They enthusiastically participate in   a wide range of activities, some of which they initiate themselves and others which staff  plan.” Ofsted 2013

“Children develop excellent social and self help skills.” Ofsted 2013

“Children’s communication and language skills are fully promoted by the motivated staff.” Ofsted 2013


Our 3rd Ofsted Outstanding Award

"The highly enthusiastic staff team creates an exciting atmosphere where children thoroughly enjoy learning through play"  Ofsted 2018

"Staff are highly responsive to children's needs and know the individual learning styles of children extremely well." Ofsted 2018

"Experienced and well-qualified managers monitor staff assessments and the progress of different groups of children. They ensure all children make the best possible progress from their starting points. Gaps in children's development are closed quickly. Staff work closely in partnership with parents and professionals to ensure a united approach to supporting children with additional needs." Ofsted 2018

"Children develop excellent listening skills and use a dynamic range of resources and  experiences which cover all areas of learning and development effectively." Ofsted 2018